A community solution to ease data exchange between Governments & Airlines administrered by a State-owned entity of Luxembourg for Europe

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The side of the gateway designed for Carriers, Tour Operators, & Travel Agencies

Overview of the gateway 

The main assets of the API-PNR gateway for States explained in details

Operated by airlines & security system experts

Ergonomic user interface

Ensuring permanent data quality

Even if it is not the core task of a PNR Information Unit (PIU) system, the API-PNR data collection is the foundation of any data system analysis. Implementing the data sourcing is a complex and time consuming step for all stakeholders, States and Passenger transportation actors such as Airlines.

Each country needs to connect to all airlines operating into their airspace to route the mandatory PNR data to their own PIU.

And airlines have to organise the PNR data consolidation, with their numerous partners intervening into their data ecosystem (DCS, Crew systems, Reservation systems), in order to send conform data flow to each State requirements.

Functionalities of the gateway



Secured build-in connectors with each data provider and state



  • Evolutive data model for integrate easily new  specific data
  • Data quality check



Multiple set of pivot formats to transform raw data into specific contents and formats
(for airlines to comply with requirements)



  • Automatically distribute  to the relevant State’s systems in adequate formats
  • Permanent data quality  check

Operate and maintain 24/7

24/7 technical support with a secured access to the collection interface

24/7 technical monitoring and supervision of the infrastructure

Functional support by IT and business experts

Highly secured – High availability – high scalability Infrastructure – hosted in Tier IV datacenter

Business Benefits

Fast integration, plug & play solution

  • Fast connection of newsubscribers/stakeholders
  • Easy interconnection between members of the gateway
  • Evolutions benefit to all members data providers   and states

Based on shared business model

  • Reducing cost for infrastructure, support,   maintenance and evolution
  • Optimized budget for gateaway’s members

Cross-countries data exchange ready

Data is transformed into a single model and based on common format to enable easy use and share of data

The implementation journey



Define the scope

  • List of interconnection :States or  Airlines entities and data sourcers
  • Gather data requirements and  specification

Elaborate the project plan and relevant documentation for technical set-up and configuration (secured link, specific data,test plan)


Set-up & test

  • Set-up of technical environment and  secured connectivity
  • Creation of Interface’s user account 
  • Test of a data collection on a restricted data set/flow.



  • Switch to production environment
  • Operation follow-up and adjustment
  • Test/rodage of Support

Standard project timelapse : 2 months