PAXGOV is a governmental agency

We help to implement the exchange and the use of travellers’ data between the transport industry actors and States’ security office

Our goal is to support and ease the implementation of data technology for cross-border security at EU level. The PAXGOV agency provides services and data technology based on cooperative model, mutualizing  efforts and costs for all stakeholders.

Government, if you are facing…

Difficulty to collect API-PNR data

Due to multiple source of data providers, short timeframe or problem of data quality

Difficulty to manage your API-PNR project

No clear understandings of the environment, need help to build your project plan and manage it.

Complex relationship with Airlines

Slow responsiveness from Airlines, need to smooth your interactions with them

Lack of control

Quality doesn’t meet the expectations, no automated check to validate on-time delivery and completeness of data

Airlines, if you …

Need to comply with State API-PNR legislations

but struggle to respond to the multiple requirements of EU countries and need support to find solutions


Have limited resources, high cost for a low value project

Development, maintenance & support effort to build solution and provide compliant files is time consuming.


Can’t provide all required data

Some information are missing, your system or processes have not been designed to respond to industry standards and governments’ requirements

PAXGOV products and services will solve your problems

Our agency’s initiatives are supported by

Last success stories

Discover why the state of Luxembourg has chosen to use the API-PNR gateway to collect the mandatory data of the airlines operating in its airspace.
Read the story

Government story, The Luxembourg State

« This is a very satisfying beginning, we achieved the connection of our flagship airline to our PIU system, an important part of our project, quickly and without troubles with the API-PNR gateway. »

Luxembourg Police, Director of department - International services

Last news & publications


A Solution for Business Aviation, Charters, Tour Operators and its Travel Agencies to Transmit the Air Passenger Information to States

Our objective: Ease the data transmission (PNRGOV) to States and reduce the cost at the minimum for Business Aviation operators, Tour Operators (TO) and Charters.According to french Decree n°2018 714...

Why the EU’s PNR law is problematic in practice

EU directive 2016/681, which came into effect on 25 May 2018, was designed in response to calls for better information sharing between national police forces and crime-fighting agencies to help...

Upcoming Events

PAXGOV will intervene during the Technical Working Group for States to give an overview of  “Small Aviation Operators facing the PNR regulation”.

This working group will occur on Nov 5th

Theme : “Ensuring consistent data quality in large-scale IT systems”

PAXGOV will present its view of this topic on November 4 at 4:00pm CET.

See the programme here.

The event will occur remotely from Nov 3rd until 5th.


The 21th PNRGOV Working Group meeting organized by IATA will take on October 6 and 7, 2020.

PAXGOV will be there as an active participant.

The 6th PAXLST Working Group meeting is organised by IATA.

PAXGOV will be there as an active participant.