A set of services to support the implementation of your PIU system

We bring the best of our extensive experience with governments and transport industry

We can help in any phase of your project 

Pre-project services

We address  the essential questions to properly start & structure your project

  • Assessment of the existing situation, identification of the scope of work (necessary actions & list of data providers)  to carry out your PIU related project with a particular focus on the core functions which are the collection and the analysis of the passengers’ data.
  • Identification of the IT and human means necessary to carry out the project and run the operations & support.

Conducted according to a proven methodology

Implementation support

Programme Management Office : 

We execute the project plan capitalizing on our recognised experiences. 

Support to Data flow implementation: 

  •  Airline connection: Management of the interface with the impacted airlines and their associated data providers to connect them to the State system
  • Management of the acceptance test. 

Data certification : 

Validation of the airline data quality by experts to save time and trouble and ensure quality. 

Operation support

Problem Management and Coordination with Airlines 

We intervene on behalf of the PIU team to solve any reported problem concerning the data providers about quality, inconsistency, non compliance, no provision of data. 

We perform the problem analysis to identify the cause and collaborate with Airlines to correct it.