A Solution for Business Aviation, Charters, Tour Operators and its Travel Agencies to Transmit the Air Passenger Information to States

A Solution for Business Aviation, Charters, Tour Operators and its Travel Agencies to Transmit the Air Passenger Information to States

March 25, 2020 in Publication

Our objective: Ease the data transmission (PNRGOV) to States and reduce the cost at the minimum for Business Aviation operators, Tour Operators (TO) and Charters.

According to french Decree n°2018 714 of 3 August 2018, tour operators, travel agencies, and all air carriers are obliged to transmit the passenger data collected to the French administration in a format that can be used by the French API-PNR system.

We all know it, new regulations generate additional works for companies that need to be compliant. And unfortunately, those works don’t bring much, apart from additional costs and complex projects to manage. Therefore, we have worked to build a solution to alleviate this burden.

After studying the processes followed by Business Aviation carriers and TO, and based on the expertise and experience with Passenger Informations Units* of different States and PNR project implementation, we have designed a platform to help Business Aviation, TO and Charters to transmit easily the legal passengers’ information to the States they are operating in.

The GOVlink  platform has been designed to be compatible with the various systems in place and can connect to any carrier systems (it supports multiple protocols) to retrieve the data required.

Once the data is collected, the platform handles a series of validation to check the data quality, transform the data into the requested format by the recipient State and forward the data in the required times.

Everything has been thought to ease the work of the impacted actors. An online interface is accessible to allow the data sender :

  • to complete or update his data.
  • to monitor the proper move of its data until the recipient State.

This interface has been designed to handle the specificities and needs of TO, Travel Agencies and Charters processes which imply the intervention of all these entities to collect the passenger’s data of a flight.

Therefore, all entity part of the data collection chain will have its own account to ensure the restriction of data visualization to the data owner. Thus passengers’ personal details such as email or phone number will stay confidential and not accessible to other entities.

In terms of personal data protection, all processes have been elaborated to ensure compliance with the rules in force and systems configured to reach a high level of security.
The platform is limited to gateway advanced functions whose goal is to ease the data transmission between air carriers and States. The platform doesn’t keep data and data can’t be read by anybody but the sender.

In terms of the economic model, the platform has been built in a community spirit. We wish that the subscribed carrier to directly benefit the economy of scale of the platform. Therefore the price will decrease for all subscribers as the volume of message and subscribers increase. This model is fully in line with the PAXGOV mission which consists of reducing the costs of API PNR projects through shareable tools and knowledge.

* The Passenger Informations Units are State representatives in charge of implementing and operating the EU directive voted in 2018 about collecting the data of air passengers to fight crimes.

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